An Afternoon With Jeanine And Toby

Toby and Jeanine were taking their daily walk in the local park.

‘That exhibit,’ she said, ‘always reminds me of the Dylan and Hendrix song that refers to the joker and the thief.’

‘Yes,’ he said. I have been looking into the Catholic intellectual world lately. I read an interesting article about poverty, chastity, and obedience….Marx’s, Freud’s, and Nietsche’s main targets. This always reminds me of where Nietsche has spread his poison around.’

They then walked farther on down the road, and got some tuna and lox at the local kosher stand.

The sun was shining so brightly that afternoon that people were joyously taking photographs of all the sights. The happy couple quietly did some window shopping while awaiting the arrival of the bus they were supposed to take after their long day.

‘I have really enjoyed our day,’ he said.

142 words.

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