That Really Eccentric Couple

It’s Six Sentence Story Thursday Link Up!

‘Things have been getting so annoying around here ever since the new neighbors moved in next door,’ Fred told Mabel.

‘I have been noticing’, she said, ‘that there are all kinds of noises coming from their house lately at night.’

‘Most of them,’ he said, ‘are subtle and quiet but I occasionally hear such an odd Eruption, especially on weekends.’

‘I’ve heard,’ she said, ‘that no one has ever once seen them going out anyplace, which is so seriously weird.’

‘Maybe they don’t even really exist,’ he said, ‘and we have all been merely imagining them as some collective fantasy.’

‘That could be true,, of course,’ he said, ‘considering no other explanation works so we might as well believe it.’

Denise is back again with PROMPT WORD:  ERUPTION

22 thoughts on “That Really Eccentric Couple

    1. Spira says:

      New students asking their music teacher in class:
      Mrs. F who is that bearded guy with the bandana that we never see leaving the house to go somewhere?
      That would be my husband…and you better pick up some new hobbies asap, like reading a book…instead of looking at my house all day!

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  1. ladysighs says:

    When I first read SSS I either have an immediate thought/reply/comment or have to sit for a minute to make one up. Both can get one in trouble. 😦

    I immediately pictured Fred and Mabel as being comic strip characters that appear in the daily newspaper. They witness the most amazing things just looking out their window. (and they have windows on all four sides of their house – which is a two-story bungalow.)
    Even grass growing would annoy them as would the paperboy.

    Hope I’m not in trouble. 😉

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