Understanding Italian

As I have said several times recently I have been working so very diligently over the past few years to improve me Italian online. Clozemaster, Duolingo, Memrise, and Mondly are the sites I have been using daily. It has become so very much easier for me lately than it had ever been before to comprehend conversational and written Italian. Dealing with a foreign language can be tricky. Understanding another language requires that the individual, suspend, to a great degree, his typical assumptions about the way things are done.

The last time I took Italian officially in a classroom was in the late 1970’s. Me teacher was even from Italy. Athough I can understand that it must be easier to get a pro account, I can not see how it can possibly be necessary to bother to pay for an online course unless it is mandatory for either a classroom or workplace.

The only thing I do not like about Duolingo, which I have found the most useful of the sites, is that it condones and promotes homosexuality. They should keep their undeniably harmful leftist ideology to themselves.

Unfortunately I have never been anywhere near Italy but from now on, if I should ever have an opportunity to go, I can at least count on having the ability to understand so much more of what is said.

2 thoughts on “Understanding Italian

  1. Alice DeForest says:

    I took it in high school, and my Grandparents spoke a lot in Italian. I wish I had paid more attention. I have been researching my Sicily and had to get a translator for a church record. Thanks for the sites because I was thinking I would have to buy a online program.

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