Henry And Peter Start Getting Organized

‘I am required to Wear a different hat and outfit each day,’ Peter told Henry.

‘Life has been so active and confusing lately and no matter what I do there is always so much variety and confusion.’

‘I can understand that,’ Henry replied, ‘considering that my schedule gets me crazy too.

‘I think we should wise up and start getting much more organized.’

‘We should absolutely,’ Peter said, ‘and start with only a few clothes and hat changes each day.’

They then shook hands on their firm agreement.

Denise for this week gives us the PROMPT WORD:  WEAR

14 thoughts on “Henry And Peter Start Getting Organized

  1. clark says:

    I will make it anonymous!*

    oh, man! Calvin and Hobbes!! (on the ‘cover thumbnail’) the best of all comic strips

    *for Doug’s benefit… I’m always trying to find something punny over at his place…hardly ever succeed.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chris Hall says:

    In the department in which I once worked, I was told of the ‘hat cupboard’ where a selection of appropriate hats were stored so that surveyors (only male, back then) could don the appropriate hat – homburg, bowler, etc. – when visiting various ‘types’ of client.


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