Looking At A Quiet Dreary Day

I am now Looking outside at a miserable damp cold day. Earlier there was some very nasty rain and snow which, at least for now, is gone. Today is a relatively uneventful day. Libia, the cleaning lady, who should have been here yesterday, arrived at around 8:15 a.m. today. Usually she does not get here until about 8:45. She also left surprisingly early, at about 10:30 a.m. Most times, it takes her somewhere around three hours to get everything all gussied up.

Life for me lately has been fairly quiet and predictable. I have been re reading Jane Austen’s ‘Sense And Sensibility’ over the past few days. A while ago I got a very large copy of four Jane Austen novels from Susanna at St. Mary’s and I have been trying to read them. If I really pay attention, eventually I shall be able to keep up with all the comments I have been hearing and reading from her very many fans.. I have also been reading St. Edith Stein’s ‘The Science Of the Cross’, her distillation of the thoughts of St. John Of the Cross. Considering that tomorrow is the Memorial of St. Agnes (Virgin and Martyr) I shall have to read the famous John Keats poem ‘The Eve Of St. Agnes’ today. Having spent so much o me lifetime in the Rockville Centre Diocese, where St. Agnes is our official patroness, I should be remiss in me obligations both as a bookworm and a Catholic were I to omit this duty.

Me diet is pretty consistently droll since, immediately upon me having contracted the China virus, I got the idea to start watching me weight. I have been scrupulously careful not to indulge in any excessive junk food. Life without junk food is boring and annoying. Yesterday and today I have been eating chicken cutlets. Yesterday I ate salad with it too. Today I also ate a bowl of broccoli soup. Considering that the container me niece Bridget ordered from the pizzeria is humongous, I shall be eating such a lot of broccoli soup from now on. The chicken cutlets are large but they can go fast.

I have just gotten home from the Coffee Nut Cafe, where I got a pound bag of Italian roast beans. I was running so very low. Anyone who buys a pound or more of coffee gets a free small cup. I asked for the Rocket Fuel.

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