A Beer, A Saint, And A Queens Neighborhood


‘I miss the days,’ Elzo told Ennio, ‘when Corona was a neighborhood in Queens, where Rosie was the queen.’

‘Yeah,’ Ennio said. ‘I miss the days when it was a beer, and the patron saint of treasure hunters. Those were fine times. ‘

‘Unfortunately,’ Elzo said, ‘It kind of spoils it by having it now forever associated with the China virus pandemic. It’s too bad you can’t just drop a lime into it and wish it all away.

They then went on drinking their beer and attending to their daily responsibilities, patiently accepting what a nut house their lives have become.


One thought on “A Beer, A Saint, And A Queens Neighborhood

  1. Mary Anne says:

    Near Queens Theatre in the park is the spot where Our Lady appeared to Veronica Leuken in the mid 60s to 80s approximately. The people still hold prayer vigils there on the eve before Catholic Feast Days. Her title was given as Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers. Several websites give more information. Bishop did not approve. Regardless, my heart still goes back there often.

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