A Rainy Day

A Rainy Day for me, whether it is on a Monday or not, can always leave me in a bad mood. Inclement weather in general inevitably does that to me. When I was a youngster, and could always count on the school bus, or me father, to get me back and forth where I needed to go, bad weather was never a problem. After a while, however, it became a major source of frustration.

I especially go crazy, as I have been noticing over the past few decades, when, during a rainstorm, the temperature is in the fifties. I have come to associate that kind of rain with bitter intense dampness. It gives me such an overwhelmingly nasty feeling.

When I was still driving I would often get stuck in a rainstorm where there was absolutely no visibility whatsoever. Even the very best of windshield wipers absolutely did not help. Hydroplaning was another problem. It was too easy to lose control of me brakes. As a pedestrian, I still have many complaints about rainy days. No matter how good me raincoats and boots are, they can only give me so much protection against a significant storm.

I most certainly recognize that rain is necessary for mankind’s survival but it takes a lot more spunk than I have available to be able to handle it very well.

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