If We Were Having Coffee Together On Friday, January 14th, 2022.

Do please kindly set a spell and enjoy a nice healthy spot of coffee or tea, hot or cold, depending upon which you may enjoy the more. January continues. It is always a time for reminiscing, and dealing with cold weather. There was recently one snowfall, enough to have to do some shoveling, and we get rain, but most of the time the weather is merely unpleasantly cold. Although me China virus is pert near over, I still have the most annoying cough.

The kin have been so obsessively interested in keeping track of me blood pressure and blood oxygen, both of which are fortunately now back to normal. Besides that, I have also been faithful to me promise to watch me diet. Fattening foods have done me so very many bad turns. On Monday afternoon Claire got us to help her take down all the Christmas decorations at St. Mary’s. It was fairly easy for her, Bill, Nancy, and me, but it was also awfully seriously time consuming and messy. I did not go to the last Tuesday night Bible study because the weather was so bitter cold.

I have missed a few weeks of those meetings since I first got ill. Bill has recently told me that the St. Vincent de Paul Society meetings will have to go back to Zoom again because there are so many old timers in our group and fear of the China virus, for them, is extra important. After several weeks’ worth of a break from Claire’s Saturday morning Bible study meetings, she has decided to resume them tomorrow morning. Because of the nasty winter weather, she has also decided that they will be on Zoom again. For now we shall be studying the Pauline epistles. Peggy, as always, is in charge of our weekly lay Carmelite meetings on Thursday nights on Zoom.

They also have been working out very well. Our next in person meeting will be next Thursday. We recently got new logs for the fireplace. It only took a fairly short time a couple days ago to get them all organized. Considering that I have been walking again so very often lately, putting the logs away was such a very helpful workout for me too. I recently started re reading Jane Austen’s ‘Sense And Sensibility.’ It is all about the family of Dashwood. Unfortunately I have not read Jane Austen as conscientiously as I should.

I have also been very diligently been practicing me Italian on a few internet sites. It is really good to be able to be bilingual. I took Italian for two years in college but without practice that can never be expected to last.

8 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee Together On Friday, January 14th, 2022.

  1. Susanne says:

    Get well soon! It’s good to move things to Zoom at the moment. How nice that you are studying Italian, it’s a fantastic language. I started learning it in 1996 and have continued to study it at various courses over the years. At the moment I don’t study it so actively but attend a conversation class on Zoom to keep it alive. Eventually I’ll go through my old course material and work on the grammar again.


  2. Gary A Wilson says:

    Hi Larry,
    You are so correct. It would be nice to be bi-lingual. Here in California, we would get very little chance to practice a different language unless we joined some kind of church or social community where we could be immersed in both hearing and speaking.

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