O Them Silly Unicorns

Having looked up the symbolism associated with the Unicorn, I have noticed some very good important properties, which we may like to have available in all our current trouble. Its white or silver color, including its horn, symbolize mankind’s desperate need for purity and virtue. These are both so desperately lacking these days, during which we all have been surrounded by suspicion and sexual dysfunctionality.

They also, because of their ability to travel anywhere they choose, symbolize freedom. Daily our freedoms are being taken away from us by special interest groups, and politicians, who seek to undermine self determination in others.

The are symbolic of healing. In our current medical crisis, we all need as much help of a medicinal nature as possible, so that we can the better eradicate the China virus.

They also represent unity between men and women. The horn represents masculinity, and the color of the fur represents both purity and femininity. Our current culture glamorizes the feminine man, and the masculine woman. What we absolutely must return to, is the idea that men and women, by their very nature, are meant to be different from each other, with masculinity being proper to men, and femininity being proper to women.

The unicorn’s white fur, combined with its motley tail, signifies the complementarity of both unity and individuality in mankind. Each individual is distinct among others, and we all must be united.

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