The First Kennedy Assassination

Of course it is all shrouded and distorted in a bottomless pit of self serving Gobbledygook. I have been watching and reading a lot of things about the first Kennedy assassination. To this day no one has any idea, with any degree of certitude, of who really did it. With all the lies, rewritten history, government intervention, and even the involvement of four future presidents, things have always seemed so suspicious. Starting with Marilyn Monroe before the assassination, and everyone from Lee Harvey Oswald and Dorothy Kilgallen To Robert F. Kennedy and Jimmy Hoffa after, there have been many convenient deaths among people in the President’s circle. Mere time, by now, has obviously led to the natural deaths of countless others. People often claim that there is no such thing as the perfect crime. As far as I am concerned, though, this one proves that it is possible to commit the perfect crime.

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