If We Were Having Coffee Together On Black Friday November 26, 2021

Please do set a spell and indulge in some piping hot tea or coffee with me. This weekend has most certainly been filled with such a share of distinctive circumstances. The 22nd was the fifty eighth anniversary of the J.F.K. assassination which, thanks to me absolutely lifelong obsession with the 1960’s, has kept me besmitten. Unfortunately, having only been four and a half years old at the time, I don’t remember it. Many other people my age, however, say they have memories of it. I made sure I watched me requisite share of videos of Oswald, the circumstances surrounding the assassination in general,and all other relevant circumstances. R.F.K.’s birthday was on November 20th.

Claire’s Bible study last Saturday morning was cancelled because of her having been ill. Tomorrow’s is also cancelled because of Thanksgiving. This past Tuesday night was our Bible study meeting at St. Mary’s. Terence was not available but there were a significant number of us there. All went really well. I always greatly enjoy those meetings. On Wednesday I went to the tailor at the East End to have me newe pair of blue jeans shortened so they can fit me. He was from Turkey. He even had a picture of Kemal Ataturk prominently displayed in his store. Ataturk was responsible for the Armenian Genocide during World War I.

Thanksgiving went well yesterday Laura was here with Nicholas, his girlfriend, and Zachary. It is always so exceptionally good to be able to see them and to find out what they have been doing lately. It was, however, so overwhelmingly and predictably fattening. As much as I have always enjoyed such a good hearty and wholesome meal, and celebration, it gets me crazy to indulge excessively. That is especially true considering that I have been scrupulously attempting, over the course of me past week, to cut down drastically upon junk food intake, and eating between meals in general.

Michael’s and Erin’s little daughter (me great~niece ) Sophie will be celebrating her very first birthday on Monday the 29th. We shall be taking the ferry from Jefferson Station tomorrow morning to Connecticut to visit them. To this very day, as far as I can remember, I have never once been on a ferry. All the family will be in attendance.

As a long time member of the lay Carmelites, I was especially happy to find out today that Pope Francis has approved the final necessary miracle for the canonization of Blessed Titus Brandsma, a Carmelite priest who was martyred on July 26, 1942 at the Dachau concentration camp during the Holocaust.

Unfortunately I have lost all track of certain documents, which I shall require in order to renew me driver’s license. I have either to find them, or to send away for replacements. Things like that are so annoying.

4 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee Together On Black Friday November 26, 2021

  1. Gary A Wilson says:

    Greetings and happy holidays.
    Yes, Thanksgiving came and went and I yielded just slightly to eating too much, but now, 3 days later, have wrangled the scale back to where I started before the food-feast.
    I agree with you that losing documents is such a pain because when I do, it has to be my own fault because as an adult, I should be able to manage my own pile of paper better – and I can, but often just don’t because I’m almost never in the mood to file anything.
    What I am in the mood to do most often is to write, and last week I captured a new story for my autobiographical collection about a time when I actually got a chance to save someone’s life. For her sake, I would have preferred to not getting this chance but fate never asks our opinion of such things, so my only real choice was to act or let her die so of course I acted but there were complications and you might enjoy the short retelling of yet another event of uninvited chaos. If parts strike you as funny, feel free to laugh because she came through just fine.

    A Life and Breath Event

    Regardless, I hope the holiday madness treats you well.

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