About My Necks O’ the Woods

My mother was born and raised in Pittston, Pennsylvania, and my father was born and raised in Hilldale, Pennsylvania. I was born in Scranton. After having spent my first three and a half years in Hilldale, I ended up moving to Jackson Heights, Queens, in New York. Thus began the formative moments of the living legend I am today. In my memory, legitimately or not, I have always considered my Jackson Heights years quite a fab time. To this day I still miss all the people and circumstances from that era. Exactly five days before my twelfth birthday, precisely in time to mess up my already annoying adolescence, my parents insisted on moving to Lindenhurst~Suffolk County~ on Long Island, New York. The sudden drastic change drove me plum loco. Throughout all my twelve years in school I went to Catholic school, except for the first two weeks of the seventh grade, which I spent in a local public junior high school. After high school I ended up at S.U.N.Y. Farmingdale for a couple years. In 2006 I moved from Lindenhurst to Wyoming, Pennsylvania until the end of 2013 after my both parents died. From then on I have been in Long Beach, New York. For all my life I have always been in either New York or Pennsylvania. Although I grew up in New York I grew up with quite a distinctive Pennsylvania accent. Considering that I have never liked change, I have gotten into the habit of telling people that my Pennsylvania accent is finally starting quite slowly to dwindle away. Long Beach has its moments. Fortunately I wasn’t here when Sandy hit. Everyone knows how nasty that was. The main problem I’ve noticed is that the wind is absolutely unbearable. Other than that I don’t have any trouble trying to handle things.

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