The Genie

I recently met a genie,’ George told Harvey, ‘and she granted me three wishes.’

‘O come on,’ Harvey said. ‘That only happens in old movies and cartoons.’

‘I kid you not,’ George insisted. ‘I know she’s a genie because she’s so exceptionally pretty and she was dressed just like the Hot Violinist. She wasn’t playing a violin though. She was standing next to a bottle with a large amount of smoke coming from it.’

‘O Well, in that case,’ Harvey admitted, ‘this lady has all the credibility in the world. Who could doubt her for one second.? ‘

‘George,’ he continued. ‘Has it never occurred to you for so much as one single second that……seeing’s it’s Halloween…….your lovely lady friend may just so happen to be trying to take advantage of her elaborate costume to play a bit of a trick on you?’

‘Wow!’ George gasped incredulously. ‘Next thing you’ll be telling me the deceased don’t come out of their graves on Samhain.’

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