If We Were Having Coffee Together On Saturday October 16, 2021

Please join me hear for our weekly piping hot spot of coffee. Nothing much of any import has happened over the course of the past week. Welcome back gents and gentesses. Since last we met I appeared to have somehow skipped a week unfortunately. Two Wednesdays ago I went to what I’d hoped would turn out to be a legitimate Knights of Columbus meeting.

Of course that was yet again not to be. We need a quorum of thirteen men to have a meeting and only got around half that many. Without manpower we can’t do anything. I know perfectly well that other councils are thriving because I have seen how well they are doing.

Although the China virus is still all over the place no one I know has lately been affected directly by it but I still see people with masks, though less often now.

Surprisingly summer weather is still here with temperatures being as high as 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s so very hard to combine that, in my head, with Halloween. So far I expect a nice quiet uneventful Halloween.

As always on my average Saturday morning, I spent this morning at Claire’s weekly Bible study class. At first she and Rosemary accidentally locked us out so it was a little bit confusing until we finally figured out why.

This month was time for me to get my card updated for my Verizon account. I got a new card through the mail recently so it shouldn’t have been difficult. I tried to input the information into my account and they wouldn’t accept it. The site kept on logging me out and the customer service phone number, instead of answering, played one incessant jazz song. I finally did it all on my sister’s computer so there’s no more problem.

6 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee Together On Saturday October 16, 2021

  1. Gary A Wilson says:

    Hi Larry. I’m glad you found your way back. You should check out my coffee share this week as I dealt with very much the same thing as you, only the impact was a bit larger. I could not go into details and you’ll see why if you spend a few minutes with it, but it was a big deal. In case it helps, here’s the link straight to it.

    Locked out of a Bible study by a computer glitch / error. Why does such a thing both not surprise me and makes me laugh – as long as it’s not me being locked out. when a blasted computer can delay the Word of God like this.

    What have we done to ourselves? ? ?
    Thanks for the visit.

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