A Very Distinctive Samhain

‘In our small hometown,’ Elzo told Ennio, ‘Halloween is always so very hard to handle. We consistently have so many troubles during Samhain. ‘ His friend, exceptionally curious, asked for more of an explanation.

‘Of course,’ Elzo continued. ‘ I don’t have any idea of what really goes on during that most fateful and ominous annual nightmare. Folks have often ventured, though, to step outside their homes during the very worst of it, and they have all been sworn to secrecy about exactly what truly transpires. ‘

There have been occasional vague allusions to it in our Oral tradition and folklore. It’s understood that not all of what the Eye perceives is necessarily easily explained and no ultimate definitive Aye can ever be given to any of the tales of woe and misery.

Ennio was so enthralled by such a profound mystery that his Aural faculty was quite transfixed.

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