The Mood Egg

Each day, upon arising, I make sure the very first thing I do is to reach for these eggs. I know from such hard earned experience over the course of my lifetime that I shall always need quite a wide variety of them.

Emotions, dispositions, and interests tend always to run so exceptionally wild in a man’s life that he needs, often at an instant’s notice, the readily available capacity to handle each as it makes its appearance. Each egg reflects my current mood.

I call them my mood eggs. Having access so conveniently, when needed, to the right egg can make all the difference I can ask for. It builds confidence in the manner of a perfect security blanket.

Of course, as we all know, every man should have his own private collection of mood eggs. They even make him so very much more attractive to women too. As far as I’m concerned women should even develop an equivalent system to get them into men’s good graces too.

Imagine all the happy marriages and families, as well as lives in general, people could count upon if only such a thing would catch on on a really large scale. I highly recommend them.

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