The Misfit And the Mermaid

Clarence could be a right handsome fellow in his day if only he’d get gussied up a bit. Ever since Dolores’ death, though, he allowed his Sorrow to overwhelm him.

Eventually he cut quite a Cringeworthy figure, even passing so often for a bit of the local homeless Miscreant right smack on down to his grizzled Hide.

It was as if he were auditioning for the role of most forsaken young fellow in the Pennsylvania Hilltops. Most days he was content to hang around in his favorite Plaid Swivel chair.

One day he went fishing over at the local creek (always pronounced crick) . He didn’t want to miss out so he made sure he got there before it started to Freeze.. Because of an old childhood injury he tended to limp.

Little did he know that he would finally get a chance to see the breathtakingly lovely sexy Mermaid he’d so very often heard tell of.

Of course, as with all mermaids, there were at least two very important problems. They all protect their Privacy quite seriously jealously.

Besides that if she ever sees him and likes him, she may even capture him and he would then never be allowed to escape.

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