Too Loud

I absolutely desperately need as much Quiet as possible. Nothing puts me through the roof like noise. It seems as if every day of the week finds us so overwhelmed with things like motorcycles with their engines revvving full blast, cars with extra loud radios, (both these things happen so very often in the middle of the night) and the incessant noise that inevitably comes with cell phones. What gets me so thoroughly disgusted is that there are so very many absolute ignoramuses who feel quite free to let their phones ring….they’re always as loud as possible….even in churches and libraries. Either someone like that will answer his phone and talk when it is utterly inappropriate and unforgivably insulting to others, or he will not bother to turn it off, which is equally abusive. We are now living in a world where self centeredness and entitlement abound. The telephone, for me, ever since I was a kid, has always been the perfect symbol of everything I loathe. The fact that people now have them available everywhere only makes things much worse.

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