A Rightly Ordered Life

‘I live on an Island,’ Henry told Peter as they were going about their daily rounds.

‘Well we all live here on Long Island so that goes without saying,’ Peter said.

‘What I meant was,’ said Henry, ‘I’m such a hep cat, with such a distinctive approach to life, that I have found that my whole world can be referred to as an island.’

‘All I know is,’ said Peter, ‘that overuse of trite hackneyed cliches and slogans, in pursuit of a reputation as a hep cat, always leave a guy with a reputation as a square anyway.’

‘We both should get into the habit of shunning needlessly distinctive speech and mannerisms, whether from the point of view of hep cat, pseudo intellectual, or any other affected persona.

‘Life is always way too short,’ Henry said, ‘to be a third rate counterfeit.’


17 thoughts on “A Rightly Ordered Life

  1. GirlieOnTheEdge says:

    By no means an authority on Hamlet, but Henry brought to mind the famous quote – in this case, I’d say Henry doth protest too much, lol (ok, Larry, you can tell me if I should have had more coffee before posting this comment, lol) But kind of the same principle.

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  2. clark says:

    I’m with the other Hep cats in their comments*
    It was fun. I always enjoy when a writer not only has characters interacting in a dialogue but when the ‘tone’ of the language comes through.

    *lol well, you don’t know… maybe the rest of us wear berets, smoke unfiltered cigarettes (Gauloises, of course!) and suxh

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