Passing Time

I’ve been trying to get a lot of reading done lately and right at the top of my big blue book case is my bowling trophy which I got in the sixth grade. It’s from St. Gabriel’s bowling league and says right on it, Outstanding Bowler 1970~1971. Now that I have such a nice quiet uneventful Saturday in store for me I can’t help thinking of those Saturday mornings back then when my father (now deceased) used always to take me to Pin Spotters bowling alley somewhere in Queens. Mr. Neeson my friends’ father…he’s now deceased too…and Brother Thomas from the De La Salle Christian Brothers…he’s not a Brother anymore….were in charge. That was back during the time when the Beatles were only barely broken up The young boy I see in pictures of me is now the old~ish man I see in my mirror We didn’t have to be bothered with a worldwide pandemic then I guess I can go back to my reading now

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