It’s No Big Deal

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‘The flags and bicycle always remind me of when I was a kid and De La Salle Christian Brothers were my teachers,’ Henry told Peter.

‘Were you in the habit of riding your bicycle up a wall?’ Peter asked.

‘If I played my cards right,’ Henry said. ‘I could drive anyone up a wall.’

‘I’ve been listening to the Beatles, and reading James Joyce and Lewis Carroll all my life,’ he continued, ‘so by now seeing a bicycle on a wall like that is hardly odd.’

‘Yes,’ Peter said. ‘Once you’re accustomed to crazy, crazy doesn’t seem all that crazy.’

Rochelle has us back again for another Wednesday of Friday Fictioneers. Click the Froggy to join us. PHOTO PROMPT -Brenda Cox

17 thoughts on “It’s No Big Deal

  1. pennygadd51 says:

    True words. Of course, crazy can be malignant rather than benign, and then its effect can be terrifying. Think of the Nazis and their final solution. How many little steps of accepting the crazy did it take to get to that?

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