The Presidents’ Weekly Barbecue

The presidents of the United States get together weekly for a barbecue.

‘I’m so sick and tired,’ J.F.K. said, ‘of Jimmy Madison’s constantly bragging about his wife’s cupcake’s and Jimmy Carter’s constantly bragging about his brother’s beer.’

‘O you’re a fine one to talk,’ Martin Van Buren said, ‘seeing’s you’re the one who once told a bunch of Germans you were a jelly doughnut.’

Among the most annoying moments were the times Thomas Jefferson wanted to play his fiddle, which the others always considered quite an unconscionable Distraction.

A few of the attendees assumed, considering that they posed for mountains and money, that they should be owed special treatment.

Pat Paulsen and Harold Stassen regularly try to crash the party but they’re never allowed in.

Denise’s word this week is :  DISTRACTION

18 thoughts on “The Presidents’ Weekly Barbecue

  1. Alice DeForest says:

    Too funny, I remember the ” Billy Beer”. All kidding aside there is a podcast star that has offered $5 million to Presidents Trump and Obama to have a get-together on his show in hopes of unifying the country. That’s a bunch of money neither one likely needs.

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