Welcome To Aunt Iola’s

Foot Foot and Mabel were on their way to visit her Aunt Iola in Scranton, as they always do each year.

Predictability, thanks to her anxiety on trips, she was quite restless and frustrated throughout the hours~long ride.

He kept on driving, as patiently as possible, as she continued endlessly to Shift posture, and to remind him of how crazy she was getting.

Eventually she started reading billboards to pass the time, assuming it could help her to be less frustrated.

They never could figure out exactly what the term ‘Cutty Sark’ meant.

Finally they arrived at Aunt Iola’s, ready for quite an exceptionally enjoyable time, until the big trip home.

Denise’s word this week is Shift.

16 thoughts on “Welcome To Aunt Iola’s

  1. GirlieOnTheEdge says:

    Ha! Billboard sign reading. Got to admit it can be fun. If, that is, you have a willing partner “in crime”, lol. So why, instead of thinking ship, my mind goes back to Cutty Sark scotch! Cutty Sark was a staple in my parents liquor cabinet, pulled out for the occasional party. Nostalgic Six, Larry. Totally enjoyed 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dyannedillon says:

    Love them trying to figure out what Cutty Sark means! When I was a kid and would drive to my great aunt’s home in the middle of nowhere farm country, I thought the Kendall motor oil sign had a rabbit on it, and I thought the State Farm Insurance sign had three red oreos on it. I’m probably Mabel!

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