The Man With No Name

wk 214 unknown

My neighbor doesn’t have a name. His parents forgot to name him.

All sorts of stories have grown up around him.

Is he really the man with no name?

Maybe his name is just Unknown.

Local folks have devised all kinds of tricks

For referring to, introducing, and addressing him.

What really counts is that people really like….

We hope he stays with us permanently.

Sammi Cox is back.~

4 thoughts on “The Man With No Name

  1. Michigan Mary says:

    Did he go through a desert on a horse with no name? Do you remember a skier named Picabo Street? The story I heard was her parents were hippies and didn’t want to name her until they knew the right name that would suit her. They were finally told that they had to give her a name. Peek-a-boo was her favorite game, so they named her that. Whether true or not – I don’t know, but that’s what I heard.

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