Finer Times

Albert showed Clara his grandparents’ closet, full of all their old clothing, and belongings in general.

‘Grandma and Grandpa were from a long lost era,’ he explained, ‘when ladies and gentlemen took pride in their appearance and comportment.’

‘Things simply haven’t been the same since they got J.F.K, and that filthy disgusting cultural revolution made its appearance.’

‘I like to think,’ Clarabelle pointed out, ‘that things like this are a REMNANT of much finer and dandier times, when gentlemen bowed, ladies curtsied, and folks knew better than to let a bunch of famous laughing stocks tell them how to live.’

‘O well,’ he continued, ‘time marches on in only one direction so we can’t go back.’

They then went back to getting things all gussied up and organized.

Denise’s Six Sentence Story Thursday is always so a hoot.

15 thoughts on “Finer Times

  1. Pat Brockett says:

    Closets filled with old clothing and belongings, the kind seen at estate sales are a fascinating glimpse into the life and times of the deceased. Such a wonderful way to see a bit of history.

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  2. GirlieOnTheEdge says:

    ‘Grandma and Grandpa were from a long lost era,’ A sad thought, that. Since when does being polite and taking care of how one presents themselves in the company of others get relegated to a “long lost era” ? *sigh*
    Keith’s comment reminds me that, while rare, there are still men who will hold the door open for women.
    Good Six, Larry. We’ve got to hang on to the remnants.

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