The Orange Diner

‘Well,’ Clem told Bessie, ‘As a Trump fan, I enjoy tormenting liberals with all that orange.

‘As a staunch Irish Catholic though, I can’t give those English Protestants the impression I’m the least bit approachable.’

‘Hey,’ she said. ‘We can always paint blacks stripes on it and tell people it’s a basketball with a thyroid condition.’

Having won the restaurant in a local raffle they tried to make the best of it.

As their sense of humor got weirder, they understood that it was a long shot.

‘Besides its odd appearance,’ a passer by said, ‘Nothing rhymes with it.’

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Welcome back to Rochelle’ Wisoff~Fields’ weekly Wednesday Friday Fictioneers. Three wishes will be won by anyone who notices the double consecutive alliteration. This Friday will be the forty fourth anniversary of the day I got kicked out of …er graduated from…high school. Dale Rogerson has supplied this week’s current hep photo prompt. Click the Froggy and get an extra treat. ~

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