The Eschatologically Myopic

They promised me happiness at the

End of the Yellow Brick Road

In the city outside the wall

‘Go up,’ they said ‘To this new Jerusalem,

Where a new man would appear

Out Of the Blue water in the Pool

In which they expected me to

Be baptized anew where the earthly

Would forever supplant the Heavenly

Was it a hopeless attempt to resurrect

Mankind’s world as it was

Before the Rain swept away Noah’s Ark?

In the distance I saw seven

Lovely ladies, each of whom wore

A robe of Watermelon red and Sunflower yellow.

Once having crossed over the borderline

The only thing that could be seen

In Your Eyes were permanently Clear Skies

By order of Queen Margarita

Linda Kruschke is back with her weekly, every Friday, Paint Chip Poetry prompt.~

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