The Local Trouble Makers

Messrs. Tartaruga and Lepre, having been lifelong foes, were always at each other’s throats.

Neither of the old goats could so much as say hello to someone without the other’s trying to say it in quite a blatantly superior manner.

Eventually townsfolk caught onto how lucrative the gents’ Rivalry could be for everyone.

Lines such as ‘I reckon Tartaruga could milk my cows (filet my fish, chop my wood etc.) better than Lepre’ became commonplace, based upon the expectation that both the fellows would rush into action desperate to outdo each other.

Finally people in their small hamlet solved two previously disastrous problems.

Everyone saved a lot of extra time and money, and the two most significant local troublemakers became everyone’s favorite helpmates.

Welcome back to Denise’s weekly Six Sentence Story Thursday prompt PROMPT WORD:  RIVALRY

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