The Irish Fishermen

James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, and Samuel Beckett once decided to embark upon what is now remembered as the singular most legendary of all of literary Ireland’s fishing excursions.

Early one morning the three gents got onto their boat and headed out into the Irish Sea for a day of anticipated jollity.

Although they stayed out all day and night long they didn’t catch a thing, and besides that they ran out of bait.

They were forced to Improvise with all manner of artificial bait although nothing worked.

Although they enjoyed most certainly quite an exceptionally fine time, all right, nothing else ever came of it.

Joyce is famously recorded as having informed his wife, when he arrived home, that ‘There was not even so much as a fish, Nora Barnacle, to be found.’

Denise has given us yet another Six Sentence Story Thursday prompt. This week her word is Improvise.

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