The Evil Clown

May Header 2021

The clown gives out balloons on a street corner

The mother’s cute little child begins to Bawl

No one in the square is willing to warn her


The clown devours sweet children when they are small

This mad man a victim of an ancient curse

He speaks with a quiet gentlemanly drawl


He knows his lines by heart no need to rehearse

He feeds upon the tiny lovely and pure

Here’s thirty pieces of silver in a purse


The mad clown does succumb to evil’s allure

He knows no difference between blood and wine

In Hell all that is good is soul does abjure


Into his wounds he rubs a Satanic brine

In his world the sun of truth will never shine

4 thoughts on “The Evil Clown

  1. Mary Anne says:

    That’s saying a lot … in a few appropriate and striking to the heart … words … about the state of the world now alright !! Yikes ! But it’s OK ! Needed ! Darkly beautiful !

    Liked by 1 person

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