Disordered Freedom And Equality


Overturn of throne and altar

The Seeds of death were

Planted to the tune of

‘La Marseillaise’ and fertilized

To the tune of ‘L’Internationale”

Martin Luther laughed in Hell

When Louis and Marie Antoinette died.

Welcome to the Tower Of Babel

Cain and Abel

Quadrille #127: Planting Seeds

9 thoughts on “Disordered Freedom And Equality

  1. Masa says:

    I recall discussing over far too many glasses of wine and cheap vodka that the French brought forth popular freedom in its myriad forms with one violent period of time. How bloody and horrible freedom is, and how haunting it can be to recognize that we are the great-grandchildren of such mad pride.

    Anyway, I adore the poetry – it is dense and requires gentle unfurling – but the act brings depth and some thoughtful appreciation. Nicely done.

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