Rest In Peace Foot Foot

Foot Foot died and didn’t know it

An odd sense of Pins And Needles

Came over him on an otherwise

Enchantingly Breezy night

As he was calmly listening to

Duke Ellington’s ‘Mood Indigo’

There appeared to have been

A bit of an error as far as

Where he would be

As he confusingly wandered

Among the Habañero like

Fires of Pugatory and Hell

With Quicksand And Mud

The only difference’s being

That Purgatory made available

A stairway that led toward the

Pearly Gates upon high.

‘This always happens,’ so

The tale goes, ‘When one dies

Without truly noticing it.’

Linda L. Kruschke brings us to this week’s Paint Chip Poetry.

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