The Written Word

May be an image of 2 people

Today I walked into a classrom

A kind of Nest for young fledglings

And saw the blackboard

There were all kinds of chalk with

Colors ranging from Cotton

And Emerald to Wonderful Wisteria

Since today, St. Georges’ Feast Day,

Is the anniversary of

Shakespeare’s birth, and of his and

Cervantes’ death, the Boundary Waters

Are those of the Avon, Ebro, and Duero Rivers

Somewhere A Hermit Crab in some Swamp

May be feasting upon the equivalent of Cervantes’

And Shakespeare’s mortal remains as

Followers yet re enact picaresque adventures

And travails of starcrossed lovers

Paint Chip Poetry is back yet again, this time on the Feast of St. George, the anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth, and the anniversary of both Shakespeare’s and Cervantes’ (sort of ) death.

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