The Visitors

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Professor QuackenBush’s Martian students were quite enjoying their first rip to an Earthen amusement park. In their traditional school, uniforms were pink for girls and blue for girls.

To be as inconspicuous as possible, the professor gave them Earthen names like James and Elizabeth. ‘It all started long ago,’ he explained, ‘With Timothy O’Hara’s Uncle Martin.’

They spent all night enjoying the rides, music, and concession stands.

Fortunately no one at the park paid the least bit of attention to them.

‘You have to wonder,’ the professor thought,’ rolling his eyes, ‘ how crazy people must be.’

has us all here weekly, beginning always on Wednesday, for Friday Fictioneers.

who may or may not be in the Eurythmics, has given us this week’s hep photo prompt. Everyone knows what to do with the Froggies.~

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