Jack’s Compulsion

Jack and Jill went up the same hill day after day, as per their contractual obligation. Sometimes he went up alone. It wasn’t that he wanted to cheat on her~though he’d always thought Little Bo Peep was so especially lovely. it was because he was simply addicted to the chocolate that was all over the place up there. It seemed to multiply exponentially by the second. Unbeknownst to the obvious love of his life, he snuck up there daily and stole chocolate in all its multifarious enchanting forms. Eventually, however, his odd predilection inevitably caught up with him. Having fully and irrevocably Farctated both his body and their home, to the very utmost point of plum bursting, he was forced to confess to his dear Jill that all hope was by then quite irrevocably lost.

‘Farctate’ is Cyranny’s Word Of the Day~

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