A New Life


I donned, as ordered, me pudding basin hairdo, Cardin suit, and Cuban heels. The allotted day had at last arrived. I approached the stoop of the address given, taking quite serious note of the sign, ‘If you are a dreamer, come in.’ I banged the ornate door knocker thrice, as ordered. Seven breathtakingly lovely maidens, dressed in white, greeted me and proceeded to lead me into a room rife with the scent of strawberry incense. Each chamber had three sections…God ,country, family, Each of me professors, having approached me with a most congenial introduction, gave me me assignments for the upcoming semester, and promptly departed. Thusly began, you understand, me most delightful excursion into the world of imagination~neither with all stuffy nor with all colorful, but rather with a quite necessary combination of the both.

Ready for the specific line of poetry Lillian asks each of us to include in his prosery post? It is, ‘If you are a dreamer, come in.’ It is from Shel Silverstein’s poem, ‘Invitation, which is published in ‘Where the Sidewalk Ends’.

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