The Poisonous Cult

Image April 2021

I see quite a huge roomful of people

The quarter is quite brightly and

Joyfully colored and decorated

The man at the soap box is

Giving quite a fiery and

Important speech to all his

Obsessively besmitten followers

On a purely external level,

HIs words were quite flowery and lovely

Upon closer listen, however, we could hear

Calls to a violent revolution

A most bellicose overthrow of all that is

Good True and beautiful

His secret was victim status.

Convince people, he explained, that

You’re a victim and that anyone who denies it

Is the ultimate aggressor

Keep people isolated from one another

He encourged his followers to create

A nightmarish crisis and then conveniently

To appear upon its scene with the only

Conceivably possible solution.

Outside his most grand and glorious quarters

Were dying vegetation, all manner of weeds

And empty closed down stores and churches.

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