Backwards Latin

Always a careless sort of fellow

I yet again walked so haphazardly

Through the looking glass

Whereupon I arrived in a most peculiar

Locale and for lack of means of keeping me

Mind occupied I absent mindedly fell into a

Rabbit hole Upon having at last landed

(After quite a startling tumble) I fell upon a

seemingly never ending patch of sand

There I met seven maids with seven mops

Who swept the sand for half a year at the

Behest of the mighty carpenter

In the distance I see a host of beings

Dressed all in glowing white

Who appear to be of the Carpenter’s

Official army marching in formation

One of the lovely maids hands me a text

Which appears to be in backwards Latin

Instead of ‘Ille ego sum’ it reads

‘Mus oge elli’

I so cheated quite mercilessly for this one.

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