Big Difference

‘Let’s go Home,’ Fred told Martha, after having been stranded for so long in such and odd prison, where they were forced to wear the strangest clothing.

At last they changed clothing, got into his 1992 Saturn SC, and were on their way, on an umpteen hours long ride to their nieghborhood.

It was quite a bumpy ride, with potholes all throughout the road, the view obstructed by ever increasingly thick pea soup fog.

Once they finally arrived home the oddest feeling immediately overwhelmed them.

Their house was completely different on the inside and out and all their neighbors were new people, strangers to them.

The only thing that was the same was their address.

15 thoughts on “Big Difference

  1. GirlieOnTheEdge says:

    Abducted by aliens?! Alternate time line?! Either could fit the bill. Whatever the reason, I wouldn’t want to be either Fred or Martha. What an unsettling and disturbing feeling to return home only, it wasn’t.

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      1. Liz H says:

        I love the whole series–you might start with Tennant…he’s a fave. Actually, that idea comes up in many magical stories, and was revisited in the Harry Potter books in the form of their tents at the Quidditch championships. Lots of fun reading/viewing out there! Cheers!

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