No Parade

‘Wouldn’t it be neat,’ Deasy said to Monahan,’ If each of us could Filter out all the weird extras from his thoughts?’

‘Agreed,’ replied the friend, ‘Especially all those things like why do we always referred to someone’s putting his best foot forward when most of us only have two feet’.

‘Just recently,’ the former continued, ‘I went pert near nuts at three a.m. staring into space wondering why everybody talks about havng your cake and eating it when it’s harder the other way around.’

Each one poured another swig of Jameson’s as their seemingly endless lopsided banter continued.

The sound of the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem filled the air.

‘This always happens when they can’t go to a parade on St. Paddy’s Day,’ their wives admitted.

6 thoughts on “No Parade

  1. GirlieOnTheEdge says:

    Beware the Jameson on March 17! Weird thoughts brought on by over-indulgence? A distinct possibility, lol. Even without a parade, it appears Deasy and Monohan enjoyed their own St. Paddy’s Day party with the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem.

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