The Last Laugh

Aliki waited all week for the mail. Would Bose finally send her a Valentine’s Day card?

‘I haven’t seen him in such a long time,’ she told Myrtle.

Myrtle, always patient, humored her friend as Aliki recounted this annual tale of woe. She knew exactly why Bose didn’t ever write to her. Having been sworn to secrecy, though, she kept silent. One day she called the station.

‘She always gets suspicious. I wonder if she’ll eventually catch on.’

Beings on Pluto have been doing things like this ever since planet status was revoked…..such nasty resentful blokes.

has given us another week of Friday Fictioneers on Wednesday.

is he of the very hep photo prompt this week. As always please click the Froggy to join us here each week my friends. You’re sure to get a smile.

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