Satan Pays A Visit

CLF February 2021

I tried to lock up Satan

Behind a bolted

Prison door

At me inn.

Oddly, from then on,

Wayward travelers

Would come so often

To my home to seek food,

Shelter, and a kind word.

Each one would casually

Wander over past the

Prison door and be

Approached by the

Old Gentleman

Who would proceed to

Tell his sordid tale

As Insistent winds howl

Mercilessly in the background.

The very Father Of Lies

Who would always relate

How he was supposedly

Being kept hostage unjustly.

Without revealing his

True identity, he would

Calmly plead innocence

And beg for release.

So far no one has yet been

Able to open the door

To release him, but

There is yet time.

He may someday

At last have his moment.

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