Two Pupils

Harold Rancich was smitten with Theresa Portalatin, the prettiest girl in school, but kept forgetting her name. He tried all kinds of mnemonic devices. Friends suggested one after the other.

‘Think of toilet paper,’ Fred said.

Think of Injuns’ tepees,’ Clarence said.

Eventually, having exhausted all their ideas, ranging from ‘Turnpike’ to ‘Throop, Pennsylvania,’ they looked up only to see Theresa. Dumbfounded, all Harold could say was ‘Hi, Talcum Powder.’

Conveniently for Harold, Theresa was quite the perfect lady, so she replied with a friendly, ‘Hi, Horse Radish.’

Thus began quite an especially happy romance.

Rochelle has us here each Wednesday for Friday Fictioneers, and Trish has supplied our latest weekly hep photo prompt. As always, click the Froggy to enter into our world.

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