Happy Birthday, Mozart

‘Oh no,’ Dennis gasped. ‘It’s Mozart’s birthday.’

‘Ugh,’ Gerard said. ‘Now we’ll never be able to shut that Galen kid up.’

‘Yeah,’ Matthew said. ‘He thinks he’s so important because he plays classical piano. The kid’s from Queens but he has an Austrian accent?!’

Brother Edmond and Brother James, though they agreed, insisted upon enforcing order at the dress rehearsal.

Just then the distinguished young prodigy made his grand entrance, in tuxedo and monocle.

Jo Anne, the little red haired girl, vowed revenge.

‘Uh Oh,’ Earl said. ‘We’re really in trouble now if Jo Anne’s after him.’

brings us more Friday Fictioneers on Wednesday.

has supplied this week’s hep photo prompt. As always, clip the hep froggie to embark upon our magical journey, which, this week, even includes classical music.

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mozart

  1. granonine says:

    I love his music, but I’ve often wondered if I would have enjoyed the boy. He was very young when he died of what some thought was poison, but a more modern look suggests a bad strep infection. If little Jo Anne was involved, maybe it WAS poison!

    Liked by 1 person

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