Small Town News

‘In today’s top headline,’ said Tom Terrific, ‘It’s Tracy Ward’s birthday.’

‘Who the hell is Tracy Ward?’ Suzy Swell asked.

‘She’s married to Burt Ward,’ he said.

‘The Boy Wonder’s wife’s birthday?! she said. ‘With all that’s going on out there, that’s your idea of news?!’

‘What do you expect?’ he reminded her. ‘We live in a one horse jerkwater town . Nothing important ever happens here , so I’m forced to make everything count. Can I help it if the city slickers get the good stuff and we’re stuck with this and the twenty sixth anniversary of Pat Buttram’s death?’

Who has also supplied this week’s hep photo prompt, brings us yet another Friday Fictioneers, inevitably on Wednesday. Please click the Froggy to join us here.

10 thoughts on “Small Town News

  1. msjadeli says:

    You have to have a creative spirit like that guy that used to talk about Lake Woebegone (wow can’t believe I don’t remember his name.) Imagine if the newscasters were storytellers instead of paid puppets. Oh right they are both nowadays!

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