Saturday Night

O we’re all in the same forest, you know,’

Announced the rabbit,

As they sat down to

Their weekly Saturday talk.

‘But each of us is assigned

His own separate tree.

Don’t ever tell anyone I told you but

It’s possible to be both Together and Apart.’

‘O I see,’ replied the duck. ‘That must be why

Everytime I find an Answer to something, it

Leads me to yet another Question.

It’s so silly even to think of it

But I often hear of students who

Finish their semesters with

Commencement exercises,

And I once even met a bunch of squares

Who arranged their chairs into a circle.’

‘Oh that’s nothing at all,’ responded the rabbit.

‘On this day in history, Sir Isaac Newton

Invented gravity, before which mankind

Always floated happily through the air.’

They thus continued to regale each other

With all sorts of other pointless notions.

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