Those Were the Days, My Friend

‘Have you heard I’ve met Peter Noone from Herman’s Hermits?’ I asked Peter and Henry.

‘Have you really?’ Peter said.

‘I’ve never once set eyes upon him in person,’ I said, ‘But he has daily Facebook videos, and I make comments. He occasionally has even referrred to me by name.’

‘All your life you’ve been living vicariously in the ’60’s’, Henry reminded me, ‘And now you’ve gone completely over the edge. Next you’ll be constructing an exact replica of the era and living there.’

‘How did you know?’ I asked. ‘I can’t remember having told you.’

Welcome back to Rochelle’s world of Friday Fictioneers, beginning, as always, on Wednesday.

has given us this week’s hep photo prompt. You get extra credit for clicking the Froggie.

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24 thoughts on “Those Were the Days, My Friend

      1. msjadeli says:

        Aha! I had a feeling that part was true. Cool! I had Chuck Palahniuk respond to one of my questions once when he had just published one of his short stories, “Phoenix.” His one-word answer was, “No.”

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