The Hot Air Balloon

Ailbe and Colme were riding in a hot air balloon.

‘Remember our deal,’ he said. No matter what happens, we don’t land until 2021.’

‘I’m sick and tired of this year too,’ she said.

‘Now all we have to do is float around until the Baby New Year finally arrives and we can count on such a very happy time.’

They then set the table and settled down to a nice hot lunch.

‘Life can be so easy, even in hard times,’ she said, ‘If you know how to use a little smarts and can deal with it.’

has given us the very first ever Friday Fictioneers for 2021. It is also begun on Wednesday.

whose initials are often used as a mnemonic device to keep track of me home state, has suppied this week’s photo prompt. Tap the happy Froggies to join us here.

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22 thoughts on “The Hot Air Balloon

  1. granonine says:

    I agree with both Liz and Larry–we can hope that somehow the turning of the calendar will magically put a positive glow on everything. Trouble is, there are too many very serious problems left. unsolved that the beginning of the new year won’t solve, either. Here in the U.S, we’re being told that we can expect to be wearing masks well into the fall and winter of the coming year. And that’s just one problem.

    Goodness, I’m gloomy this morning. The final comment is hopeful–having some smarts and dealing with what IS will help!

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