The Fire


‘As long as we can count on the fire’s always burning’, Gronk told his wife Shad, ‘We’re set.’

‘I remember,’ she said. ‘We agreed to that when we came to the island. It’s very important to rid ourselves of a rightly ordered view of life and live a life based completely upon ignorant superstition. Of course, we may never know if w’ere right, considering that we’ve never given life without fire a chance.’

I don’t know,’ he said. ‘I don’t trust all those newfangled ideas you keep on coming up with. I hear noises at night and they get me suspicious so I think we’d better stick with the fire.’

Their fight went on for days.

One day they finally got up enough spunk to walk a few yards beyond the flames. It turns out that it was quite an ordinary moment, neither the unspeakable horrors he’d envisioned, nor the glorious and grand city upon the hill of her invention. They quietly went home.

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