Trendy Made Up Names

‘It’s sad,’ Henry told Peter. ‘People stick their kids with such trendy made up names over the course of the past couple generations.’

‘I’ve been noticing that too,’ Peter said. ‘Whatever happend to the days of legitimate names like Thomas and Margaret. Now we’re stuck with the likes of characters with names like Brittany and Whitney; Dustin and Justin; Aiden, Hayden, Jaden, and Braden.’

‘Would you believe,’ Henry said, ‘Someone just had the unmitigated gall to try to fix me up with a girl named Amber?! What in the hell kind of a stark raging lunatic could possibly want to get mixed up with someone who’s named after a Crayola crayon color?’

7 thoughts on “Trendy Made Up Names

  1. Christine Goodnough says:

    Oh, you haven’t heard the half of it! There was a thread once about baby names and everyone who worked with or know of someone with an unusual name posted. Here are a few I remember:
    Kleenex, Heroin, Mainline, Orangejello, Lemonjello, Corelle, Male (pronounced mah-lay), Female (same twist), Ja-a, and one lady who called her daughters Alight & Breathe. Plus one, supposedly not pronounced like it’s spelled, that WP would censor, I hope. I wish everyone would take to heart Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue”!

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